I am a positive force to the people around me.  My adventurous soul always leads me to exciting places and opportunities.  Slopes of all shapes and sizes, but thumbs up to longer runs. Paddle boarding with a packed lunch and a dry bag with art supplies and a sketch book. Decorating bikes with a new paint job and a touch of Ray Ray (me). Classic rock oldies from “Over the Hills and Far Away” by Led Zeppelin to “September” by Earth, Wind, and Fire. Yoga with my grandma. Biking with my dog as if we’re Dorothy and Toto on an adventure. All these experiences inspire uniquely uncommon ideas that provide the basis for both my traditional and graphical illustration in addition to ideas for improving gear towards mountain riders. Known for asking many questions to make sure I understand any problem given to me to solve. People tell me that I make them feel like family and remember my contagious smile years after they’ve met me.